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Are you experiencing any of the

Are you
experiencing any of the following?

“My gums bleed when I brush my teeth.”

“My gums are sensitive.”

“My gums are red and swollen.”

“I have Halitosis (bad breath).”

“My teeth have shifted over the years.”

“My teeth are loose.”

“I see more spaces between my teeth.”

“My gums have receded.”

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My teeth are getting loose. Are they going to fall out?


When your teeth start to feel loose, you need to change the way you’re taking care of them, so that the situation doesn’t get worse.

What makes your teeth start to feel loose? Bacterial activity around your teeth and gums (activity that you probably can’t feel!) can cause bone loss around your teeth—bone that normally holds your teeth in place.

When they lose the support of that bone, your teeth become loose and may fall out.

Fortunately, treatment can slow down the rate at which you lose bone, and maintain the remaining bone in a healthy condition.

With treatment, they may even become less loose!

If you notice your teeth are getting loose, seek treatment as soon as possible so you can keep your teeth in a healthy state.