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Periodontal Disease Treatment

Procedures to Help Control Periodontitis or Periodontal Disease:

  • Diagnostic procedures to find out, “Why do my gums hurt?”
  • Digital x-rays
  • Deep cleaning, including Scaling and Root planing
  • Bite adjustments and Occlusal adjustments
  • Periodontal maintenance procedures
Cosmetic Procedures to Enhance Appearance
  • We work with the area’s leading cosmetic dentist to achieve an enhanced smile
  • Cover roots of teeth that have become exposed
  • Redefine your gum lines
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Improve an existing smile that has lost its appeal
OUR Areas of Expertise
Meet Dr. Ali
Dr. Reiaz B. Ali, DDS, MS.  Dr. Reiaz Ali is a periodontist, the branch of dentistry that specializes in treating gum disease and replacing missing teeth with dental implants.  He has literally performed thousands of gum surgeries and he has placed thousands of dental implants over the past 10+ years.  Dr. Ali routinely completes additional…
dental surgeries and counting
patients in the DC/Maryland area
Dental implants placed

years of successful practice
Addie M. Sutton

“He alleviated my fear of the dentist.”

I have never liked going to the dentist. There was always a fear of being poked with that needle. In addition to that, I have TMJ, which limits how wide I can open my mouth and is at times painful. I had been to other dentists and I was not always satisfied with the results.

In 2002, I was referred to Dr. Ali for a consultation on periodontal disease. Dr. Ali set me up with a schedule for treatment and follow-up maintenance. The procedure was painless and successful. He alleviated my fear of the dentist.

Because I had not been scheduling regular visits with a dentist, I also had bone loss resulting in the extraction of three teeth. After another consultation with Dr. Ali, I decided the best option for me was to have dental implants. Again, the procedure was painless and successful. I love my implants. They look good and work well. They are so perfect for me.

Dr. Ali is patient, painless and professional. My visits have always been pleasant. His staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I have been educated on the importance of daily oral hygiene and scheduling maintenance appointments.

Maryland Periodontics is now the Sutton family’s dental office. I recommend Dr. Ali to anyone in need of dental work.

Charles Gaines

“…they let you know you are all that they care about.”

Over the years, I have not been consistent with my visits to my dentist. A few years back I was referred to Dr. Ali for periodontal disease.

From the initial consultation through the procedure, Dr. Ali and his staff explained the process, the billing issues, made follow-up calls checking on my well-being and simply treated me with excellent care and extreme professionalism.

Dr. Ali is a considerate, beautiful person. All of his staff members are extensions of him and let you know you are all that they care about. I love all of them!

John Herron
White Plains, MD

“…would advise anyone interested to avail themselves of these services.”

Approximately 14 months ago, I was referred to Dr. Ali for a chronic problem with gum bleeding and receding gums. I am pleased to state that my gums no longer bleed and my overall experience has been really good.

During my period of treatment I had two implants, with bone being added once. The teeth were removed. I am really impressed with how the implants feel and work for me. I am grateful for Dr. Ali and his staff and would advise anyone interested to avail themselves of these services.

Ann N.

“I went into my dental implant experience not knowing what to expect.

I had multiple implants and the healing process moved along just like Dr. Ali said it would. My follow up appointments went well and I was able to eat softer foods as instructed without issue.

Dr. Ali did an excellent job placing the implants. I didn’t experience much pain and the implants healed quickly.
I received my new smile and now I’m able to eat carrots, celery and grapes!

I can smile!
I can sing!

It definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! Thank you Dr. Ali!”

Malissa Proctor
Columbia, MD

“I find myself smiling a whole lot more…”

How can I begin to share my wonderful experience with Dr. Ali and his team? Not only are they professional, but they truly make every visit a very comfortable visit. I find myself smiling a whole lot more, due to the care and treatment that I have received.

Continue with the great work!

Carroll G. Lewis
White Plains, MD

“I experienced no discomfort—a true testament to your skills…”

Dear Dr. Ali,
I take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with the high quality and professional periodontal services you and your office staff members have provided me over the past 12 months.

Initially, I was somewhat reluctant to undergo the several surgical procedures needed to prepare my jaws for dental implants. This concern was due mainly to my fear of pain. However, during the first and subsequent surgical procedures, I experienced no discomfort—a true testament to your skills in the art of managing pain associated with periodontal surgery.

Now that I am in the maintenance stage of the treatment, I look forward to the periodic visits to your office. I plan to recommend you to family members and friends who are in need of periodontal services.

Kristen Hill

“…made the visits fun and allowed me to relax.”

Dear Dr. Ali and Staff,
Thank you so much for the wonderful and painless treatment I received at Maryland Periodontics. I thought I would just receive one treatment, but the follow-up calls and appointments to make sure I was healing and progressing properly made me feel well taken care of. In addition, the sense of humor and personality of you and your staff made the visits fun and allowed me to relax. I am truly grateful for everything. Best of all, my “mystery mouth” is now a happy mouth!

Sonia Smith
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

“The procedures were painless and affordable.”

Initially I was apprehensive about making an appointment for an exam at Maryland Periodontics. In fact, I canceled the first appointment I made. I thought the medical procedures would be painful and expensive.

When my medical condition got worse and I had no choice but to obey my primary dentist in regards to making an appointment with a periodontist, I finally decided to give Maryland Periodontics a call.

I have to say honestly that my experience with Maryland Periodontics has been excellent. Not only did they schedule my procedure right away, but the procedures were very mild, painless and affordable. The staff was wonderful. My only regret is that I did not come in sooner.

S. Smith

“His bedside manner is exceptional.”

Dr. Ali is such a great dentist! In the spring I went in for an implant. Because this was my first major surgery, I was very scared and nervous, but Dr. Ali and his staff did everything to make me comfortable. I thought the procedure was going to be painful, but he was very gentle. His bedside manner is exceptional. After the surgery, the staff even called me to make sure I was recovering well.

I would recommend Dr. Ali to anyone. He and his staff were great… Professionalism at its best!

Charles Sonon

“Very seldom do I run across a staff that shows as much professionalism as this one did…”

To a very nice periodontal office,
I was worried from the start that getting implants would be painful, and to my surprise… it was not! I would recommend Dr. Ali and his staff to anyone I know who may need his services. Very seldom do I run across a staff that shows as much professionalism and provides as much customer service as this one did. Thank you for making this experience a pleasurable one.

our knowledge base
What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a surgically placed artificial tooth root used to replace one or more missing teeth. Many people incorrectly believe that a dental implant makes up the entire replacement tooth; in fact, the implant replaces the root only. A dentist places a crown, bridge or denture onto the top of the replacement root once the dental implant has fully healed or has integrated into the bone.

What if I want “metal-free” implants?

Firstly, there is no such thing as “metal-free” teeth. Almost all materials used for teeth replacements have some sort of metal ions in them. Dental implants are made of titanium alloy (similar to hip implants, shoulder implants, and knee implants), which is highly biocompatible, and allergy to titanium is extremely rare! Currently, there are no proven alternatives to titanium dental implants.

Do dental implants last?

Unlike natural teeth dental implants are not susceptible to dental disease such as decay; however, the health of the gums is vital to maintaining last implant success. Conscientious home care by the patient and regular professional cleanings and check-ups are essential elements for dental implant sustainability. Each patient is different, and success relies upon diagnosis and planning, medical history and a variety of other factors.