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    Bone Surgery

    Inconvenience of the Disease

    • Toxins or poisons produced by bacteria in the plaque irritate the gums and destroy supporting tissues around the teeth, forming pockets.
    • A sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth.
    • It results from plaque, calculus and bacteria forming deposits on and below the gums.
    • Gums bleed when a person brushes or flosses.
    • The mouth and gums are puffy or red.
    • Gum and bone attachment to the teeth are lost and pockets deepen.
    • Affected teeth can become loose and eventually may be lost.
    • Persistent bad breath.
    • Severe bone loss has occurred.

    Advantages of Treatment

    • Removing infected area along the gum line and contouring bone to reduce the pockets around the teeth and gums.
    • The procedure is done in two visits with 1-4 week period in between.
    • Smooth the uneven or irregular surface of the damaged bone and promote healing of the periodontal pocket.
    • More efficient removal of deposits and bacteria.
    • Stabilizes the teeth.
    • Decreases bleeding and inflammation  present.
    • Long term control of disease activities
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