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Asthma, Covid-19 & Your Oral Health

What the science is saying about Asthma risks?

Asthma, an inflammatory disease, narrows and inflames the airways, therefore, resulting in symptoms like difficulty breathing and wheezing. This condition can cause dry mouth, leading to plaque build-up and forming gum disease. Also, people with moderate to severe asthma have higher risks of getting very sick with Covid-19.

So, if someone has asthma, it’s, especially, important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and those around you.

Asthma Inhaler
Asthma Inhaler

Avoiding common asthma triggers

By limiting exposures to triggers, people can avoid experiencing symptoms, protect their oral health and, hopefully, keep Covid-19 away. Triggers are numerous including:

  • Extreme weather condition (high humidity and low temperatures)
  • Smoke and chemical fumes
  • Allergens (pollen, animal dander and household pests)

Household pests can get inside without the owners realizing. In particular, cockroaches, rodents and bed bugs can make the symptoms worse. So, it’s important to check your home regularly for signs of activity and tackle infestations when necessary.

The problem with dry mouth

Dry mouth is a condition where the mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva. Dry mouth occurs as restricted airways forces people to breathe through the mouth. Unfortunately, inhalers add to this problem by squeezing salivary glands and limiting saliva production.

Saliva is, also, helpful for washing away bad bacteria. Instead, dry mouth creates ideal conditions to harbor harmful bacteria and develop build up of plaque. This problem can cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

Preventing gum disease

In spite of asthma, there are a number of ways to protect your oral health:

  • Rinse your mouth with water after using your inhaler.
  • Sipping water throughout the day, also, is an effective way to prevent dry mouth
  • Consistent flossing and brushing and regular professional cleanings

Navigating Covid-19 risks

Based on what little is known at this time, adults any age with Asthma may be at an increased risk for severe illness from Covid-19. Therefore, it’s extremely important to limit interactions with others, wash hands frequently and develop an asthma action plan.

Asthma action plan

  • Avoid triggers
  • Continue current medications and don’t change your treatment plan without consulting your healthcare provider.
  • Have 30 days of non-prescription medications
  • Take steps to cope with anxiety and stress

Final thoughts

In conclusion, by staying diligent with your oral health and taking precautions for Covid-19, seriously, people with asthma can easily keep a beautiful and healthy smile for life.

https://www.marylandperiodontics.com/coronaviruss-silent-epidemic/ https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/managing-stress-anxiety.html

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