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Warning: What Everyone Should Know About The Mouth & COVID-19

COVID-19, The Mouth & The Body

How can Dentists protect our patients, our teams and ourselves from viruses like COVID-19 or Coronavirus? How can we reduce the risks associated with systemic diseases in general?

Recently, in the British Dental Journal, author V. Sampson stated the following, “Oral hygiene should be improved during a COVID-19 infection…to reduce the bacterial load in the mouth and the risk of a bacterial superinfection. We recommend that poor oral hygiene be considered a risk to Coronavirus complications, particularly in patients predisposed with diabetes, hypertension or heart disease…Improved oral hygiene may reduce the risk of complications.”

Research “found severely infected Coronavirus patients had high levels of three bacteria commonly associated with periodontal disease present.”

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The three main health conditions associated with increased complications of Coronavirus infection were diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. While Coronavirus is a virus, it’s suspected, in severe cases, bacteria plays a part increasing the chance of complications. Pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis, septic shock and death can occur.  It also found severely infected Coronavirus patients had high levels of three bacteria commonly associated with periodontal disease present.

Covid-19 Model
Coronavirus or Covid-19 Model

Dentists, often, find evidence of gum disease-causing bacteria in tissues throughout the body. Research has confirmed that chronic, low-grade infections in the mouth increases systemic inflammation. Unfortunately, this has an impact on every system in the body.

Evidence supporting the Mouth-Body connection has grown over the past few years. It’s no longer a question “if” the soft tissues in the mouth are connected to the rest of the body. Research shows over 90 percent of systemic diseases have signs and symptoms dentists can see in your mouth. There are many systemic diseases dentists can discover with a thorough examination. This helps to develop a treatment plan to address these diseases for patients.

Transmission electron microscope image of COVID-19

Seeing a dentist regularly is very important.  Often times dentists will identify signs and symptoms of systemic diseases with a thorough oral examination. Mouth-Body connections highlight the importance of preventing and treating oral diseases greatly impacting the body.


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