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Dementia and Tooth Loss

Research studies are showing a correlation between periodontal disease and dementia. Call today to see if you are at risk. Don't hesitate. Call Now!

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I just read an article about tooth loss and dementia.

I cant remember what it said because I’ve lost at least 4 teeth 🙂

According to this article, people who keep the most teeth over the age of 60 are least likely to develop dementia. 

However, the chance of having dementia seems to increase along with the number of teeth lost after this age, say researchers.

The researchers found that the odds of developing dementia rose by 62% for those with 10 to 19 remaining teeth, compared with those who had 20 or more of their original set of 32.

Now that is a big difference.

Even worse, this extra risk rose to 81% for those who had between one and nine teeth left.

As far as why tooth loss and dementia might be related, researchers say one possible explanation is that tooth decay and gum disease could trigger inflammation –- something that raises your chances of having Alzheimer’s disease.

They also say, tooth loss might reflect a general lack of care and healthy habits throughout a person’s life, leading to increased inflammation.

Finally, they say chewing may increase blood flow and boost oxygen levels in the blood, and people with few teeth might find this harder to do. Also, a lack of teeth might make it harder for people to eat healthily.

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