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Same-Day Dental Implants Placed Safely. Eat Confidently. Smile Endlessly. TeethXpress®

Did she really just say this about her dental implant appointment?

Dental Implant Appointment For Same Day Implants

TeethXpress® is a dental implant appointment that uses strategically placed dental implants to support a fixed hybrid denture. Up to 6 dental implants are used to support a temporary U-shaped prosthetic while the dental implants integrate into the jawbone. Ultimately, this process takes 3 months to heal for the lower jaw and 6 months for the upper jaw.

Once the dental implants heal, digital impressions are taken to prepare the final denture. Next, the fixed hybrid denture replaces all missing teeth in the upper and/or lower jawbone, so the materials need to be strong.

For comparison, it’s estimated a person loses up to 85% of their bite when they don’t have any remaining teeth. To offset an increase in chewing forces a resilient material like Zirconia is often used.

Thankfully, Zirconia is natural looking and STRONG!

Zirconia Power Test

After Years Of Suffering… (A True Patient Testimony)

Unfortunately, our patient always had a difficult time with her teeth. She was referred for treatment and after listening to her chief complaint, Dr. Ali recommended TeethXpress®.

So, after getting the procedure completed in our office, she was able to sit at home, assess her new smile and finally share it with us!

“Wow! What a great suggestion! What a great thing to happen! I can go out and eat and do what I want. Back to where I used to be when I was younger.”

Next Steps To Your New Smile

Thankfully, scheduling a dental implant appointment is super easy!

First, call & schedule your initial consult with Karen at (301) 856-1200. At this appointment, the doctor will examine your mouth and take necessary x-rays, so he can develop a treatment plan.

Next, you choose the treatment option you prefer. Then, a CBCT will be taken to plan your case on the computer. Also, an IO scan is taken to get a record of your mouth. Finally, the information will merge the CBCT and IO scan to make a surgical guide to place the dental implant in your mouth exactly where it was planned on the computer!

Then, it is a waiting game while the dental implants heal. But, like our patient you have to remain patient during the process. So, call and get started today!



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