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Do Dental Implants Fail?

Basic information about dental implants and their overall 95-98% success rates over a 30 year period of time.

The statistics will ease your mind!

Dental Implants Fail But Also Have High Success Rates.

Dental Implants Fail. Sure. But they, also, have one of the highest success rates of any dental or medical procedure?

Long term studies have shown dental implants have 95-98% success rates over 20-30 years. Studies are limited to 30 years, but there’s no reason to believe dental implants will not last 50-60 years if properly maintained.

Dental Implant

Benefits of Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root surgically placed to replace a missing tooth. They, also, can be used to support implant bridges, implant supported locator dentures and fixed hybrid solutions.

Dental implants protect your natural teeth. Dentists don’t have to cut on healthy teeth to replace a single tooth like dental bridges. Also, dental implants give the patient better access to clean because patients can brush and floss like normal.

Quality dental implants are usually made from Grade IV medical titanium because the body accepts and integrates the material well. Titanium’s low level of toxicity and allergenic potential, as well as high resistance to corrosion, means it provides an ideal material for implant success.

Studies have shown dental implants improve patient function and self-confidence. This is important because people like to eat and they like to feel good about themselves.

The Maryland Periodontics & Dental Implants Experience

Dr. Reiaz B Ali, DDS, MS has seen over 10,000+ patients in over 25 years of practice. He’s, also, placed thousands of dental implants in that time.

We use digital technology from the beginning to end of dental implant placement. This prevents mistakes from happening. We can, also, identify vital structures like the sinuses and nerves before surgery to make a surgical guide. This makes it safer and more accurate for you.

Dr. Ali uses only quality materials, especially, titanium dental implants. He has found this to be one of his foundations for success

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