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Eliminate Gooey Gobby Impression Materials With An Intraoral Scanner

Making dental impressions easier by using digital technology


Why An Intraoral Scanner?

Sirona Intraoral Scanner

Sirona Intraoral Scanner

By having this model, it is similar to having your mouth nearby to reference to. 

Attaining a model like this we would have to take a dental impression. It was a tray filled a gooey dental material which is softer at first and gradually gets harder. The hardest part is having this material in your mouth until the material sets. This could be up to a minute in some cases. Once set, we would sometimes have to gently force the impression out of the mouth. 

Great news! Now we have the Intraoral scanner. This machine is so easy This machine collects up to 18 images per second. All of the images are collected by the computer, which processes them to form one whole image of the mouth. Just like a model but virtually. And as with anything virtual, we can cut through and analyze all parts of the model, and start all over again if we are not happy with the results. All without you being there. 

This machine fits in really well with our new digital concepts when it comes to Implant Dentistry at Maryland Periodontics and Dental Implants. 

We use digital technology to learn more about your missing teeth and we start with a 3D scanner to look at the bone. This digital information is then used to plan your case. The intraoral scan is then used to prepare the guide for treatment. The intraoral scanner is then also used to assist in planning for the final crown that will be placed on the Dental Implant.

So there you have it. Moving away from the older ways and in with easier, more efficient, more precise and safer practices to make your cases even more successful. 

Going to the Dentist is not the most pleasant experience. Hardly anyone will rejoice in the thought of needing a Dental procedure. 

At Maryland Periodontics and Dental Implants, we are constantly thriving to make your appointments as comfortable as possible. We are constantly trying to make your appointments as efficient as possible and as easy as possible.

One of our favorite machines is the Intraoral scanner. This machine is amazing and has allowed us to skip the impressions for many of our patients. 

Have you ever had an impression? A Dental impression is a used to replicate your mouth so that we can refer to it while you are not in the office. You no longer have to sit around for us to try things in as we did in the past. The replication of the mouth was a model usually made of stone. Something hard and sturdy. 

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